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In accordance with the medicines act 1968, manufactures have an obligation to ensure that there is continuous supply of medication

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The UK pharmacy profession is being discriminated against. In all EU countries except the UK (since 2008), drugs were sold to pharmacies by the pharmaceutical companies via wholesalers.


Is this only a game of supply and demand ?

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4Pharma exists as a wholesaler in the pharmaceutical industry. This industry is in conflict, with wholesalers and independent pharmacies being squeezed out by manufacturers and chains. We think it’s best for patients and the industry as a whole that wholesalers and independent pharmacies continue to play an important role in the pharmaceutical industry.

Wholesaling benefits the pharmaceutical industry:

  • increases competition
  • reduces prices
  • provides more choice
  • makes vital drugs such as cancer therapies more affordable for all

4Pharma’s mission is to provide independent pharmacies and wholesalers the confidence to wholesale legally.

4 Pharma:
• Assists in wholesaling confidently as it is legal and ethical under the Medicines Act 1968
• Encourages independent pharmacies and wholesalers to sign up with BIPWA that fights for their rights
• Is a pharmaceutical wholesaler who makes a difference when wholesaling due to the associations with BIPWA/Noviscom
• Proves wholesaling can generate extra income

4Pharma specialise in wholesale of pharmaceutical products. 4Pharma holds a wholesale dealers license and assist independent pharmacies and wholesalers in wholesaling legally.

Our Partners:


Represents independent pharmacies and wholesalers together as they are both involved in the medicines supply chain which is vital for the protection of patients. BIPWA provides independent pharmacies and wholesalers a voice if they are facing difficulties obtaining pharmaceutical stock.


Regulatory affairs consultancy - helps independent pharmacies and wholesalers make sense of regulations and processes which govern the healthcare and pharmaceutical

4Pharma wholesales with independent pharmacies across the UK. The map indicates where our customers are and we hope to further extend our customer base.

Wholesaling with 4Pharma is easy and the returns are great, since trading with 4Pharma, payment for stock has always been fast and on time and my stock for patients is never affected, I would definitely recommend Wholesaling with 4Pharma if you’re a Pharmacy owner!

Pharmacy To My Door.

Since taking on the job and dealing with 4pharma i have found them to be very friendly and helpful. Their service and payments are always quick and reliable and I always know Vibhav will be at the end of the phone if needed with a helpful response and advice.

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Is wholesale illegal?


NO ....

The GPhC have stated that the former RPSGB regulations do not apply! The MHRA have stated “wholesaling is a legitimate activity!”


In the deepest recession in 80 years, only one industry had an acquisition in 2008. Pfizer bought Wyeth for cash. Yet, in the PPRS negotiations, the drug companies insist that they desperately need funds to bring new drugs to the market for patients.

Yet of the top 10 blockbuster drugs, 8 came from small boutique research houses which were bought out by bigger pharmaceutical companies.

Did you also know that EU prescriptions are legal? If we can dispense EU prescriptions for EU citizens, why is wholesaling illegal? SIMPLY PUT, it’s NOT!


Is it unethical to Wholesale?


NO ....
Like currency traders, wholesaling assists efficient markets by equalising prices across Europe, which in turn means EU governments save money on the healthcare costs and this in turn saves lives.


Will my quotas be affected by trading with 4Pharma?


Absolutely not, we will proactively challenge the quotas being imposed on your account and will continue to fight until the quotas are lifted.


Will my Pharmacy stock be affected by Wholesaling?


No, the items we generally require will be for medicines and drugs that you do not dispense to your patients so your Pharmacy stock will never be compromised.


Will I get into trouble by Wholesaling?


As a pharmacy, it is perfectly legal to trade as a Wholesaler providing you have a license to Wholesale.


How will 4Pharma help me to fight the restrictions and quotas?


We employ a panel of nine lawyers with the mission challenging some of the Worlds largest drug companies and are committed to equalizing prices across the UK and EU and ensuring that you get the stock you need for your patients.


What is the benefit of trading with 4Pharma?


Our highly trained and knowledgeable Account Managers are friendly and polite and will assist you in the ordering process and ensure that you are getting the best returns and are not being restricted supply. We don’t refer to the Pharmacies that are trading with 4Pharma as customers – but as members because you become a member of the British Independent Pharmacy and Wholesale Association – the only Association committed to standing up for Independent Community Pharmacists!


Is there a minimum order quantity?


No, there is no minimum spend or quantity.


What notice period do I have to give to cancel my agreement to trade with 4Pharma?


Simply give 30 days written notice


When do I get paid for the stock?


You will get paid promptly within 48-72 hours after stock is received at our Warehouse

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